Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – One of the best Games of 2017

Now that Destiny 2 has been finally released on all platforms we wanted to share our thoughts about the game with you. So far we had a great time playing through the missions and expecting huge updates to come to all available devices including events, raids and many more content.

Your goal is it to fight back the troops of Ghaul while levelling up your character and equip it with stronger gear from time to time.

The beginning of Destiny 2

Before you start you can choose from 3 classes Titan, Witcher and Hunter. All of these classes have different abilities to choose from. On your first mission you are getting attacked by the undefeated which are trying to find the searcher and defeat the light he creates.

The great story line immediately catched us and we had much fun watching all video sequences which were really entertaining. All in all the game is just on point with the amazing graphics, background music and story line. For now it is definitely one of the best combinations between RPGs and shooters.

Destiny 2 gameplay

Reaching the maximum level

This should not take you too long as the story line consists of around 8 to 11 hours play time depending on how fast you go through the different missions. After you finished the story you will have reached the maximum level and will finally become able to play raids and dungeons. There you will get the chance to improve your gear even further for new upcoming raids on harder difficulties or just for a advantage in PVP.

Note: You can not just play the main story as some of the planets are bound to a higher level so you also must do a few side quests to get even more knowledge about what happened to the guardians.

How many different planets can I visit?

There are four different planets included in Destiny 2. All of them have amazing landscapes and buildings but are completely different from their design. As you know from the real universe no planet is like another one. The creatures or better called Aliens that you will meet are also different on each planet.

Below we listed all available planets in the sequence that you are going to visit them:

  • Earth
  • Nessus
  • Titan
  • IO

destiny 2 planets

At first you are starting off at the earth when you suddenly get attacked by Ghaul‘s army of the undefeated. After he kicked you off is ship you will visit Nessus as next planet. After completing the main story on this planet you will be able to travel to our favorite planet of all Titan. Titan‘s design looks by far the best and also the missions there are the most fun to play. So if you ask us Titan is definitely the best planets of them all. Nevertheless you have fun on all of them as all of these planets have a great overall look rounded up with great background music and fitting monsters.

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