Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a interesting mobile RPG

RPG lovers should listen carefully now as we want to share a great game called Fire Emblem Heroes with you. In this game you are fighting against different monsters, clearing dungeons and much more.

At the beginning of the game you are starting off with a beginner team. This team might be powerful enough to beat the first few levels without any difficulties. Than it will turn out to be weaker as you thought so you will either need to go for new characters or power up the ones you already have in your team.

Both of these options will require you to spend resources. Just keep in mind that upgrading existing heroes is always cheaper than trying to find a new one which is stronger. To find new heroes you will need to have enough if the premium currency orbs which is not that easy to get.

Fire Emblem Heroes guide

The different game modes

Fire Emblem Heroes features several different game modes that will keep you entertained even after longer times of playing. As you can simply switch to multiplayer fights after you have played through some missions or dungeons.

All of these modes give you different rewards or better say chances on different rewards. PVP fights for example give you a pretty high chance on earning orbs. Dungeons will give you more other resources in return after completing them. So in the best case you try to play a few of all game modes every day. This will let you earn a few of each resource. In addition to this you will also have more fun as you will get bored over time while only playing a single game mode.

How to get Orbs more quickly

To get orbs as fast as possible you should login to Fire Emblem Heroes every day. As there are new tasks to complete every day so make sure to not miss any of them. Some may be hard to complete but in the end most of the quests are worth the time that you have to invest.

You should at least try to complete all the tasks that will give you orbs in return. Orbs can be used to purchase nearly everything so you will benefit the most of them. As you will be able to pull much more packs when you collect all available orbs as often as you can.

If all these tips did not help you we got one final solution for you. It is called the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack. You can use the generator to add big amounts of Orbs to your or your friends accounts immediately. Read the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Guide for more informations.

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Level up your heroes faster

Levelling up your heroes is essential if you want to play through all the available game modes. The fastest way to achieve a level up is by combining all available experience sources. Experience can be earned on the following ways:

1. Complete levels.

2. Do quests.

3. Sacrifice champions.

If you combine all these three things you will get as much experience as you can. You will benefit from this very much in the long run. The lots of experience will cause that your heroes reach the next level more quickly. With each level up of your heroes their stats will increase more and more.

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