Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guidelines

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a fun mobile RPG. You are starting off with a beginner team that you have to customize during the game. Either by adding new equipment to them or replacing them with stronger characters.

Before you start playing the game you can decide what story line you want to play at first, either the story of the light or the dark side. Choose what you like most and start building your team of Jedi or Sith. In multiplayer fights you can mix your team with both sides as it does not matter there what faction they belong to.

Build a stronger team

You can power up your team on two different ways as we already told you above. You can either equip your existing characters with stronger gear or you can switch your team members. The only problem with this is that the strongest characters need you to farm a lot of shards before you can activate them.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gameplay

Where to get shards?

Mostly you can get shards from completing levels or purchasing them from the shop if there are any. To see which level gives you the chance on finding shards for the character you want to unlock. Simply go to the characters menu and visit the character you want to have. Than press the “Find” button at the right bottom of your screen. You will see a list of all the levels where you can find shards of this character.

Do not expect to get them every time you complete the level as they won’t guarantee it. Once you collected enough shards the find button will get replaced with an “Activate” button. After pressing it you will be finally able to put the character into your team and play with it.

Note: If you want to purchase shards from the shop you will have to pay with the premium currency crystals but they are very hard to get.

How to farm crystals

If you have just started playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, than you can still unlock a quite big amount of crystals by completing the campaigns.

Those of you who already finished the campaign will only have the possibility to collect them as a reward for a quest. New quests are published every day so you will always have the chance to collect at least a few crystals.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes guide

Other ways to unlock crystals

Finally, there is another way to get crystals to build your team. A tool called Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool is making this possible. It can connect to the games database and change the amount of crystals which is stored there

You won’t need to spend your money in the in-app store of Galaxy of Heroes. Instead of doing this you can visit the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats here and generate more crystals than you can ever spend.

After receiving the crystals it is time to visit the shop and spend some of them. If you ask us you should always purchase all available character shards and gear as well. This will be very useful and speed up the team building process a lot. As you will not have to play levels over and over again to farm shards or gear.

Press the link above if you got curious about this tool, you can find all needed informations on this site as well as the tool itself. So read about it and if you like what you read give it a try. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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