Walking Dead Road to Survival

Survival guide for Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead Road to Survival lets you play through what you know from the TV Series. As in the series you have to rebuild the town Woodbury where the zombie apocalypse started. Your fist aim is to build up the city again to give other survivors a new home. These survivors will help you to defeat all the hordes of zombies coming to your city.

With each fight that you are going to win you get one step closer to the defeat of the zombies. While you are levelling up your survivors and unlock resources. These resources are needed to build up the City even further so you can give collect more survivors and build a more powerful team.

Walking Dead Road to Survival Guide

Train survivors

One of your buildings got the ability to train survivors. Weak survivors take around 15 minutes to be trained stronger ones will take more time for their training. Use the weaker ones to power up your strongest survivors. If you do not know how to do this read on below.

Power up your strongest survivors

You should take all your 1-2 star survivors and sacrifice them to your strongest survivors. This will result in a good amount of additional experience. Which will let your character reach the next level faster and gain additional power after the level up. The additional power that you get from the level up‘s can save you from losing battles in the future. Make sure to always train heroes when you have time.

Upgrade buildings

If you want to be able to make progress steadily you will have to invest resources into your buildings. Upgrades will make your buildings more powerful. For example you become able to train stronger survivors or earn more resources. Your storage buildings will become able to store more resources so you will not lose too many resources because your food or material storage is full.

Other ways to earn resources

There are many different ways to earn resources for building your team and the city.

1. Complete Levels

Most players collect the majority of their resources from completing levels. Each level will give you a different amount of food, materials and sometimes even coins as a reward. Nevertheless you will not be able to get all the resources that you would need only from completing levels.

2. Quests

This is another good way to unlock some more resources. You have a lot of quests to complete in Walking Dead Road to Survival. While playing through the story you are completing most of the on auto-pilot and get some easy resources.

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