Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Guide

Hello today we want to help all of you who have ever struggled with using the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack tool. We have prepared a complete guide that will contain all informations you need to use the hack. You can do everything online, there are no needs to download anything on your smartphone or PC. Which is already a great benefit over most alternatives that you can find on the internet.

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As we already said earlier, Fire Emblem Heroes require you to have big amounts of orbs if you want to be successful. The premium resources is quite hard to get when you do not know about the Fire Emblem Heroes generator tool. This can save you a lot of time that you would normally have to spend for farming resources.

Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats

How to access

Accessing the Fire Emblem Heroes orbs hack is very simple. With the latest update the tool was modified into a mobile compatible online hack tool.

Find the hack tool at afterwards follow the short tutorial below.

  • Enter your Appstore / Play-Store E-Mail.
  • Select how many orbs you wish to generate.
  • Choose which device you are using to play Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Last but not least start the process and lean back as long as it runs.
  • Once the progress bar reached 100% you can restart your game and start spending your orbs.

Does it cost money to generate orbs?

There are not many things that come free to you in live but Fire Emblem Heroes hack is one of the few things that won’t cost you a penny.  This makes it to one of the most beneficial hack tools that have been ever created for Fire Emblem Heroes. You will never worry about orbs anymore no matter how many you need.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack

Unlock more heroes

It is very important to have enough orbs to make continuous progress. Why are orbs important? They are so important because you need orbs to unlock new heroes, this can not be done using any other resources.

The games difficulty increases very fast so your team also needs to get stronger. Otherwise you will come to the point where you get stuck in the game and have to farm resources to power up your team. This can be very time consuming sometimes so you should always prefer using the Fire Emblem Heroes hack. If you do so you are going to save a lot of time and in addition to this you will also have much more orbs than you could ever collect.

Risk free usage

When you think about using the Fire Emblem Heroes hack tool you should not waste any more time. Each time you play the game without the benefits of the online hack is a waste of your time because you can do much more progress in even less time when you are using the resource generator. Having such huge amounts of the premium resource orbs will give you a big advantage over most other players.

It is completely risk free to use the Fire Emblem Heroes generator. This get’s ensured by continually updates and additionally by a feature which is called anti-ban script. It’s a very complex and advanced script which completely protects your account.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a interesting mobile RPG

RPG lovers should listen carefully now as we want to share a great game called Fire Emblem Heroes with you. In this game you are fighting against different monsters, clearing dungeons and much more.

At the beginning of the game you are starting off with a beginner team. This team might be powerful enough to beat the first few levels without any difficulties. Than it will turn out to be weaker as you thought so you will either need to go for new characters or power up the ones you already have in your team.

Both of these options will require you to spend resources. Just keep in mind that upgrading existing heroes is always cheaper than trying to find a new one which is stronger. To find new heroes you will need to have enough if the premium currency orbs which is not that easy to get.

Fire Emblem Heroes guide

The different game modes

Fire Emblem Heroes features several different game modes that will keep you entertained even after longer times of playing. As you can simply switch to multiplayer fights after you have played through some missions or dungeons.

All of these modes give you different rewards or better say chances on different rewards. PVP fights for example give you a pretty high chance on earning orbs. Dungeons will give you more other resources in return after completing them. So in the best case you try to play a few of all game modes every day. This will let you earn a few of each resource. In addition to this you will also have more fun as you will get bored over time while only playing a single game mode.

How to get Orbs more quickly

To get orbs as fast as possible you should login to Fire Emblem Heroes every day. As there are new tasks to complete every day so make sure to not miss any of them. Some may be hard to complete but in the end most of the quests are worth the time that you have to invest.

You should at least try to complete all the tasks that will give you orbs in return. Orbs can be used to purchase nearly everything so you will benefit the most of them. As you will be able to pull much more packs when you collect all available orbs as often as you can.

If all these tips did not help you we got one final solution for you. It is called the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack. You can use the generator to add big amounts of Orbs to your or your friends accounts immediately. Read the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Guide for more informations.

Fire Emblem Heroes cheats

Level up your heroes faster

Levelling up your heroes is essential if you want to play through all the available game modes. The fastest way to achieve a level up is by combining all available experience sources. Experience can be earned on the following ways:

1. Complete levels.

2. Do quests.

3. Sacrifice champions.

If you combine all these three things you will get as much experience as you can. You will benefit from this very much in the long run. The lots of experience will cause that your heroes reach the next level more quickly. With each level up of your heroes their stats will increase more and more.

Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats

Informations about the Walking Dead Road to Survival Coins generator

In this short article we are going to tell you all important informations of the Walking Dead Road to Survival generator. You will get to know how to use it, what the resource caps are, if it is secure and many more.

You will have everything to get started with using the Walking Dead: Road to Survival online hack. Now let‘s not waste any time and start with the informations.

What can the Walking Dead Road to Survival generator do for you?

It can do a lot for you that‘s for sure. To be exact it can generate every resource which is included in the game for you within minutes. This is very special most other „working“ hack tools only claim to be working but in the end you will waste your time. As they are either outdated or haven‘t even worked at all.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival online hack we are talking about is the complete opposite. The developers are publishing updates for the tool like every few days to make it even better. When a tool like this receives updates this regularly you can be sure that you will not have to worry for any bad consequences like a ban after using it.

Walking Dead Road to Survival hack

The security

As told above, the Walking Dead Road to Survival online generator does receive updates on a daily basis. This means that the developers only have a very small chance to fix the security loopholes the hack tool is using. Because every update could change the way the hack works or the security loophole that it uses to connect to the games database.

I hope this will let you feel more save when utilizing the generator. A small risk will ever be remaining as the developers do not want you to cheat their premium in-game currency. As they will sell less of it than so it‘s lost money for them. That is basically the reason behind why they do not want tools like the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to exist.

What are the caps of the hack tool?

They have just been raised with one of the latest updates. Usually you could generate around 100.000 of each resource. This was not enough any more so the developers tried to find a way to add more resources within a single use without getting the account banned. After some fails they finally came up with a new solution which makes you able to generate 10x more than before.

This means using the Walking Dead Road to Survival coin generator can end up in receiving over 1 million coins. Depending on how much you want to add to your account as you can choose everything between 1 and 1.000.000 for each resource.

All you have to do to get these huge amounts of resources is to use the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack.

Walking Dead Road to Survival coin hack

If you ask yourself now: „How does this work?“ read on below as we made a short step by step tutorial on how to use the generator.

  1. Visit the website by pressing the link below the tutorial.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Select on which device you are playing the game.
  4. Connect the hack to your account.
  5. Now select the amounts of Coins, Food and Materials.
  6. Press the Hack button and wait for it to finish.

This is basically everything you have to do. Everybody of you should be able to complete these six steps within several minutes.

Better visit the Walking Dead: Road to Survival coin generator fast and get your resources in a few minutes.

Walking Dead Road to Survival

Survival guide for Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead Road to Survival lets you play through what you know from the TV Series. As in the series you have to rebuild the town Woodbury where the zombie apocalypse started. Your fist aim is to build up the city again to give other survivors a new home. These survivors will help you to defeat all the hordes of zombies coming to your city.

With each fight that you are going to win you get one step closer to the defeat of the zombies. While you are levelling up your survivors and unlock resources. These resources are needed to build up the City even further so you can give collect more survivors and build a more powerful team.

Walking Dead Road to Survival Guide

Train survivors

One of your buildings got the ability to train survivors. Weak survivors take around 15 minutes to be trained stronger ones will take more time for their training. Use the weaker ones to power up your strongest survivors. If you do not know how to do this read on below.

Power up your strongest survivors

You should take all your 1-2 star survivors and sacrifice them to your strongest survivors. This will result in a good amount of additional experience. Which will let your character reach the next level faster and gain additional power after the level up. The additional power that you get from the level up‘s can save you from losing battles in the future. Make sure to always train heroes when you have time.

Upgrade buildings

If you want to be able to make progress steadily you will have to invest resources into your buildings. Upgrades will make your buildings more powerful. For example you become able to train stronger survivors or earn more resources. Your storage buildings will become able to store more resources so you will not lose too many resources because your food or material storage is full.

Other ways to earn resources

There are many different ways to earn resources for building your team and the city.

1. Complete Levels

Most players collect the majority of their resources from completing levels. Each level will give you a different amount of food, materials and sometimes even coins as a reward. Nevertheless you will not be able to get all the resources that you would need only from completing levels.

2. Quests

This is another good way to unlock some more resources. You have a lot of quests to complete in Walking Dead Road to Survival. While playing through the story you are completing most of the on auto-pilot and get some easy resources.

3. Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack tool

This became our main source for all kinds of resources. I was able to add more coins to my account than I ever had before. Minutes after I finished using the Walking Dead Road to Survival online hack I found the resources on my account. I was thinking that this is never going to work but i got proved wrong by this tool. That‘s why I want to share this great hack with all of you. All your worries about resources will be gone after you have used it for the first time.

Here you can find more informations about the Walking Dead Road to Survival Coins generator.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats, Tips and Tricks

You may wonder how all these players get these big amounts of dragon stones from. One thing is sure they do not buy them from the in-app store. This would cost far too much money.

So we searched on the internet for a tool which can create them and send them to your account. After searching a few days we finally found a working Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats tool which can be used on every device. These should be great news for all of you who like to have more characters. Combine the usage of the cheats tool with our tips and tricks for even better results.

First of all we are going to start with a few tips and tricks. At the bottom of the article you are going find all the informations you need related to the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle online cheats.

About Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a card collecting game for mobile devices. Levels are designed like a board game, you can choose from three random numbers between 1 and 6 to move around. The best thing would be to use the big numbers as first as you will have it easier than reaching items that are close to you.

Each level contains many collectibles like zeni or boosts for the upcoming boss fight. Sometimes if you have luck you can also find dragon stones which you should always try to collect as this is the most valuable resource in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Avoid the red fields, these will damage your characters before the battle has even started. Depending on the strength of your team and the power of your opponent landing on a red field might cost you the win.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle tips

Counter your opponents

By switching your teams order you can sometimes counter an enemy character. If you can do so you should always do this as it will easily double the damage you are going to deal with your next attack.

Choose a good team captain

Your teams captain unlocks additional bonuses for your complete team. The better your captain is the better the bonus he will unlock. For example a SSR card always has weaker bonus than a UR or LR card. So try to find the card which bonus gives you the most advantage during fights.

Link Skills

If you got the same character two times it can also be a good idea to use him twice in your team. This will result in a linked skill. These linked skills are giving you additional bonuses like a 15% damage boost for example. Linking skills is another good way to increase your teams damage even further.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats

Lately we stumbled upon a online generator for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and we wanted to share it with all of you. This is the perfect tool for all of you who are not patient enough to wait until you have collected all of them by yourself. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats was made to add nearly unlimited amounts of Dragon Stones to your account. Without the need to download any data onto your smartphone or PC.

When I used the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle online generator for the first time I just generated around 10.000 dragon stones which was very much for me back than. Now after I used it a few times and collected thousands of characters I stick to around 500.000 dragon stones that I generate for my account every few weeks. Depending on how often I play Dragon Ball Z and how many dragon stones I spend each time.

You can now definitely open packs whenever you want which is just fun. Even though there are new events every week so you can also collect all the powerful event characters which is very cool. I did not miss a single event character since I have discovered the powerful features of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guidelines

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a fun mobile RPG. You are starting off with a beginner team that you have to customize during the game. Either by adding new equipment to them or replacing them with stronger characters.

Before you start playing the game you can decide what story line you want to play at first, either the story of the light or the dark side. Choose what you like most and start building your team of Jedi or Sith. In multiplayer fights you can mix your team with both sides as it does not matter there what faction they belong to.

Build a stronger team

You can power up your team on two different ways as we already told you above. You can either equip your existing characters with stronger gear or you can switch your team members. The only problem with this is that the strongest characters need you to farm a lot of shards before you can activate them.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gameplay

Where to get shards?

Mostly you can get shards from completing levels or purchasing them from the shop if there are any. To see which level gives you the chance on finding shards for the character you want to unlock. Simply go to the characters menu and visit the character you want to have. Than press the “Find” button at the right bottom of your screen. You will see a list of all the levels where you can find shards of this character.

Do not expect to get them every time you complete the level as they won’t guarantee it. Once you collected enough shards the find button will get replaced with an “Activate” button. After pressing it you will be finally able to put the character into your team and play with it.

Note: If you want to purchase shards from the shop you will have to pay with the premium currency crystals but they are very hard to get.

How to farm crystals

If you have just started playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, than you can still unlock a quite big amount of crystals by completing the campaigns.

Those of you who already finished the campaign will only have the possibility to collect them as a reward for a quest. New quests are published every day so you will always have the chance to collect at least a few crystals.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes guide

Other ways to unlock crystals

Finally, there is another way to get crystals to build your team. A tool called Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool is making this possible. It can connect to the games database and change the amount of crystals which is stored there

You won’t need to spend your money in the in-app store of Galaxy of Heroes. Instead of doing this you can visit the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats here and generate more crystals than you can ever spend.

After receiving the crystals it is time to visit the shop and spend some of them. If you ask us you should always purchase all available character shards and gear as well. This will be very useful and speed up the team building process a lot. As you will not have to play levels over and over again to farm shards or gear.

Press the link above if you got curious about this tool, you can find all needed informations on this site as well as the tool itself. So read about it and if you like what you read give it a try. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – One of the best Games of 2017

Now that Destiny 2 has been finally released on all platforms we wanted to share our thoughts about the game with you. So far we had a great time playing through the missions and expecting huge updates to come to all available devices including events, raids and many more content.

Your goal is it to fight back the troops of Ghaul while levelling up your character and equip it with stronger gear from time to time.

The beginning of Destiny 2

Before you start you can choose from 3 classes Titan, Witcher and Hunter. All of these classes have different abilities to choose from. On your first mission you are getting attacked by the undefeated which are trying to find the searcher and defeat the light he creates.

The great story line immediately catched us and we had much fun watching all video sequences which were really entertaining. All in all the game is just on point with the amazing graphics, background music and story line. For now it is definitely one of the best combinations between RPGs and shooters.

Destiny 2 gameplay

Reaching the maximum level

This should not take you too long as the story line consists of around 8 to 11 hours play time depending on how fast you go through the different missions. After you finished the story you will have reached the maximum level and will finally become able to play raids and dungeons. There you will get the chance to improve your gear even further for new upcoming raids on harder difficulties or just for a advantage in PVP.

Note: You can not just play the main story as some of the planets are bound to a higher level so you also must do a few side quests to get even more knowledge about what happened to the guardians.

How many different planets can I visit?

There are four different planets included in Destiny 2. All of them have amazing landscapes and buildings but are completely different from their design. As you know from the real universe no planet is like another one. The creatures or better called Aliens that you will meet are also different on each planet.

Below we listed all available planets in the sequence that you are going to visit them:

  • Earth
  • Nessus
  • Titan
  • IO

destiny 2 planets

At first you are starting off at the earth when you suddenly get attacked by Ghaul‘s army of the undefeated. After he kicked you off is ship you will visit Nessus as next planet. After completing the main story on this planet you will be able to travel to our favorite planet of all Titan. Titan‘s design looks by far the best and also the missions there are the most fun to play. So if you ask us Titan is definitely the best planets of them all. Nevertheless you have fun on all of them as all of these planets have a great overall look rounded up with great background music and fitting monsters.


FIFA 18 – Everything you need to know

So far we think FIFA 18 is the best one that has been ever released. The attacking controls got much more accurate and you can use tricks much better now. But thats not the only thing that changed since FIFA 17. In the following article you will get to know all the important changes that has been made to the game.

Who is the best Player?

Who else could it be than Cristiano Ronaldo himself? He is still one point in front of Lionel Messi in the overall rating but if you ask us it is deserved. There is just no other player on this level even Messi can not come to the level that Cristiano Ronaldo is playing at. He is much more danger for the defense and can change a complete game within seconds. He mostly needs a single chance and the ball hits the back of the net, he’s a true legend.

Top Five Players

Here is a List of the Top 5 players of FIFA 18. Note: This list does not include icons.

5. Manuel Neuer (92)

4. Luis Suarez (92)

3. Neymar (92)

2. Lionel Messi (93)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (94)

FIFA 18 gameplay

The game play

In our eyes the game play changed a lot compared to FIFA 17. All in all the game play improved since the last FIFA but there are still some bugs that need to be fixed. For example: The goalkeepers reaction on distance shots. Often they are waiting too long before they try to make the save. So the ball ends up hitting the back of the net. This is what most people complain about in FIFA 18.

The defense got a little bit harder as the AI is not helping you that much as it did in FIFA 17. Some people find it very difficult and get angry on the game calling it bad but you just need to have more skill now to not get too many goals. It is very important to not rush out with your defenders. If you keep this in mind and always walk them towards your own goal making the room small for the enemy you will get much less goals against you.

Available Stadiums

Premier League

  • Dean Court: AFC Bournemouth
  • Emirates Stadium: Arsenal
  • Amex Stadium: Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Turf Moor: Burnley
  • Stamford Bridge: Chelsea
  • Selhurst Park: Crystal Palace
  • Goodison Park: Everton
  • John Smith’s Stadium: Huddersfield Town
  • King Power Stadium: Leicester City
  • Anfield: Liverpool
  • Etihad Stadium: Manchester City
  • Old Trafford: Manchester United
  • St James’ Park: Newcastle United
  • St Mary’s Stadium: Southampton
  • bet365 Stadium: Stoke City
  • Liberty Stadium: Swansea City
  • Wembley: Tottenham Hotspur
  • Vicarage Road: Watford
  • The Hawthorns: West Bromwich Albion
  • London Stadium: West Ham United


  • Johan Cruijff Arena: Ajax
  • Allianz Arena: Bayern Munich
  • Borussia Park: Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Signal Iduna Park: Borussia Dortmund
  • San Siro: AC Milan & Inter Milan
  • Olympiastadion: Hertha Berlin
  • Donbass Arena: Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Mestalla Stadium: Valencia CF
  • Juventus Stadium: Juventus
  • Stade Velodrome: Olympique Marseille
  • Parc des Princes: PSG
  • Santiago Bernabeu: Real Madrid
  • Veltins Arena: Schalke 04
  • Volksparkstadion: Hamburg SV
  • Wanda Metropolitano: Atletico Madrid

EFL Championship 

  • Villa Park: Aston Villa
  • KCOM Stadium: Hull City
  • Riverside: Middlesbrough
  • Carrow Road: Norwich City
  • Loftus Road: QPR

EFL League One 

  • Fratton Park: Portsmouth

Rest of the world

  • BC Place Stadium: Vancouver Whitecaps
  • CenturyLink Field: Seattle Sounders
  • Estadio Azteca: Club America
  • King Abdullah Sports City: Al Ittihad & Al Ahli
  • King Fahd International Stadium: Al Hilal, Al Nassr & Al Shabab
  • La Bombonera: Boca Juniors
  • El Monumental: River Plate
  • StubHub Center: LA Galaxy
  • Suita City Football Stadium: Gamba Osaka

FUT 18 Icons

About the Icons

FIFA 18 is the first game of the series that brings Icons/Legends to all consoles. Finally PS4 and PC players can also come in taste to play with Pele, Ronaldinho or other fantastic football players who already ended their career.

FIFA 18 Web App available?

You can find the FIFA 18 web app here for all consoles. You can also download it from the AppStore which is also completely free.